Sunday, 23 September 2012

Long time no blog

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delays in posting on my blog!

I've got so much to post but haven't had much time or decent Internet access these past few weeks!
Just been all over (staying between two houses and helping my aunt out with cousin's November wedding arrangements) and soon I'll have to start planning for my part as the bridesmaid. Need to buy the accessories, shoes, the dolling up and so forth.

Even more pressure is that I'll have to save up spending money for when my other cousin comes down from UK for a 3 week holiday and I'd like to take off 3 weeks work leave to spend with her so we can go shopping and touring the city (and still end up with money in my account once she returns to UK lol)!

Also been getting pressure from my boss about studying for an exam he requires me to obtain certification in and when he needs it done, he needs it done chop chop!

I haven't been able to catch up on my 50 Shades novel either because of finishing work late!
Sounds like the story gets even more eventful lol.

When I'm more settled after the exam and wedding prep, things will hopefully calm down so that I can finally get onto my E.L.F haul part 2 and Urban Decay reviews in the next few weeks.

I'd like your opinion on brushes...been eyeing the MAC 219 pencil, MAC 217 blending, and MAC 239 shader brushes. As far as I've heard, they're so good but so pricey! What are your recommendations on alternatives? I'm currently using the standard eyeshadow brush from the E.L.F range and it's been okay but I'm looking to experiment with a different brand and type as well so any suggestions are welcome!

Have an awesome day!

Anna Cubana xx


  1. It sounds like you have been super busy lately with family stuff! But it all sounds really exciting!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's been crazy. Can't wait after my cousin's wedding is over so it can calm down!

  2. I have the MAC 217 Brush and its fantastic, really great at blending. Have you tried the real Techniques brushes, they are cheaper and come in packs too? They are very good too apparently but I'm still waiting for my delivery of them, I hope they are worth it xoxo.

    1. I've seen so many good reviews on the MAC 217, even the lady at the MAC counter complimented it and of course, I'd lurvvve to get it myself but the price is insaaaaane! The problem is, I don't want just one but a couple so there would be a massive hole in my wallet at the end of the day haha!
      Checked out the Real Techniques website now. I didn't know Pixiwoo had her own brush range! I love her videos and her accent.
      Thanks for the tip. Please let me know how it is or post a review blog when you get them :)

      Anna Cubana xx

  3. Awesome stuff :) Sounds hectic hey! But I'm very much looking forward to my holiday back home :D Mwah!