Friday, 19 October 2012

Things have been tough these days :(

Hi guys

Postponing this blog for a little while due to an unforeseen situation with my gran.
She's developed Pneumonia which has weakened her majorly - fluctuating blood pressure and her breathing is getting shorter everyday :'(

As I'm typing this, my tears are welling up...

The hospital has been trying their best in keeping her stable and caring for her but her body is struggling to fight.
The family have taken off hours this past week from work almost everyday to be by her side. She may seem unconscious but hopefully she can hear us and know that we are there for her.

We've been singing and talking to her in the hopes that she is not suffering at this point in time and that maybe, just maybe, it would uplift and comfort her.

We're all not too sure how long she has left to live. It may be tomorrow, it may tonight...
I'm finding it a bit hard to let her go and every night that I leave the ward after saying goodbye to her, I get that sinking feeling and miss her already...not knowing if she would survive another day for me to visit her again and kiss her forehead one more time...


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    1. Hey Jen

      Thank you :(
      She passed on the next morning and it's been tough but the family stuck through it.
      Thanks again x

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    1. Hey Purity

      Thanks so much. She is resting in peace and the family stuck through it together :(
      Thanks again x