Sunday, 23 December 2012

Back with a Bang: Updates & Christmas Nails

Hey guys!

Soooo...I hereby truthfully admit that I've been a bit lazy to hop back onto the Blogspot wagon.
My family came down end November from England to attend my gran's funeral (R.I.P. Avó) and 2 weeks later, attended my cousin's wedding so it was a difficult period to transition from mourning the end of one life to celebrating the start of a new one but we've got through it together as a close-knit family with our beloved gran, great-gran, mother, wife, sister, and friend forever in our hearts <3

We gave my, then bride-to-be, cousin a small but unique bachelorette that was Moroccan princess and belly dancer theme inspired (we had to keep it stripper-free because of the kids and more conservative crowd lol). Got her bestie to play decoy most of the day to make it out as if she wasn't getting any party and that plan was a success! When she rocked up at her sister-in-law's house unexpectedly (which was around the corner from when they were having drinks), we all gave her the biggest surprise and she started laughing with tears in her eyes!
Got her all dressed up in the funkiest outfit we could put together. I applied some gold makeup and lashes for her while getting her ready and later, we had some hired belly dancers teach the whole crowd for an hour, shaking our booties with shimmy belts on!
Later, we went out for the night as an after-party and went crazy on the dancefloor! Had such a great time!
I am pleased to say that despite all the stress and time put into the planning behind all that, it was an awesome celebration and a major success all thanks to the bestie, bridesmaids, mother, and maid-of-honour!

My then bride-to-be cousin Roz, and I all dressed up!

Moving on to the Christmas is everybody doing for gift shopping? Have you managed to get everything you needed? The malls are crazy as usual this time of year but it's great to see the decorations they have around.
I did my quick bit of shopping yesterday and wrapped most of the gifts! So excited for the loved ones to open them up :)

On to another event Christmas related, I've sort of been getting into a bit of nail art lately and got the time to do some Christmas theme inspired nail art...on my left hand! Hahaha - I couldn't do the same on my right hand firstly because it'll take double the time and secondly, I'm right handed so it'll be a shaky task.
I'm okay with that though. I'll admit I did a pretty good job for a first-timer at this kind of thing (not bragging haha, just proud of trying out something new that turns out better than I expected!).
It was very time-consuming - took me about 2 hours - so it's not something I'll be doing very often!

Christmas theme inspired nail art
Christmas theme inspired nail art

Hope you like it and please comment if you have any nail art you'd like me to see :) (include the link).
Also, you can follow me on Instagram @t4nzanit3 for more pics - please drop me a comment with your username too.

On a final note, it's time for me to go sleep as I'll be waking up early for work tomorrow :(
For those of you who are not working on the 24th Dec, I hate you :( no not really ;) hehe but enjoy that extra weekend day before Christmas and Boxing Day!

Wishing you all a safe and heartwarming Festive Season. Please don't drink and drive!

Anna Cubana xoxo

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  1. Loving the Christmasy nail look!!! :D well done :) xx