Friday, 9 May 2014

UPDATE - Back in action!

Hey all

So...I'll admit that I've been really lazy in posting up some blogs. I've bought so many products that I wanted to review and/or swatch but just never could have been bothered to post it up until now :)

Just a quick update on what's been happening:
Went through a bad patch last year and year before where I lost my last three grandparents (mom's parents and dad's mother; dad's father passed away way before I was born) all in a space of less than a year.
I really couldn't believe it! It was already heartbreaking to lose one family member and then while I was trying to pick myself back up again after mourning, it happened all over again...and again.

To top it all off, our beloved dog had gotten sick as well and we eventually had him put down due to the constant suffering that meds weren't able to mend.

So it has been a sad journey thus far but throughout all this, I've stayed positive and I cherish those loved ones who are still around with me.

On a more positive note, I've relocated away from my home country South Africa and moved to England to live with family! I've been fixated on moving for a while now and have finally done so!
People constantly ask me (with a crazy expression on their face - I might add) why I moved away. Yes! South Africa is a beautiful country - known for its hot weather, beaches, Table Mountain, wine farms, shark diving, wildlife, and so much more - and I'll always miss it as it's my home and where I grew up. I relocated with the intention of achieving my goal of travelling. I would like to at least tick that off my bucket list haha. I won't scratch out the idea completely of moving back home one day but I'd like to see how far I go with the dream to travel while I have the opportunity.
You only live once anyways!

Updates aside, I'll be adding a new blog post soon on my take and swatches on the Comfort Zone Wet n Wild ColorIcon palette so stay tuned!

Anna Cubana xoxo

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