Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dance Graduation - Phase 1 complete!

Wow! I am still trying to shake off the nerves of tonight's performance!

Tonight was the graduation for the phase 1 (first level) pole dancing class.

We had so much fun yet we were so nervous despite the fact that we'd been practicing in front of each other for the past 6 weeks! Sadly, the numbers in the class had gone down significantly so it turned out to be only 4 of us that remained until week 6.

Licence 2 Twirl

I danced to "Don't Cha" by Pussy Cat Dolls which had the best beat I could sync the steps to. Was so nervous about my hands getting clammy and having it stick to the pole (which would end up being really painful to slip down!).

I got to let my hair down (literally and figuratively speaking) in front of a small audience (we were expected to bring a person or people as our audience) which was initially nerve wracking but then I slowly shook it off and just gave it all I got!

Girls: if you're looking for a posture, core, arm, and leg workout this is definitely a dance sport you should try...and the best part of it is...you must keep your clothes on!
It's a girls only course so there's no need to shy yourself in front of any guys ;)

I now have a 'Licence 2 Twirl' :) hahaha!

One thing I feel we've gained besides a workout and unique but fun experience...is the opportunity in growing closer together and building friendships!

The 4 Pole-keteers

Looking forward to seeing these girls in Phase 2! :)

Anna Cubana


  1. Congratulations my sister! :D
    What did u perform?? Ai, I would have been your audience man!
    Anyways I love the photo! You all look beautiful :D
    Keep it up! x

    1. Ooh it was great :) wish I could go dance again!
      We performed to a routine they taught us in the past 6 weeks.
      Thanks! So glad we got a pic taken together and we've all been talking about doing Phase 2 which involves...the chair! :O x

  2. Wow, that sounds like so much fun, I wish I could of joined you girls! xoxo.

    1. It was! Just that feeling of spinning around freely to a good beat was great :)
      Thanks, you should try it out sometime if there is a school nearby you! This class was based in a small home office business x