Monday, 20 August 2012

Some of the new Products


Here is a sneak peek of some of the items that got delivered to me in the post last week!
I'm so excited to start playing around with them and give my reviews on them as well!


Also got the novel Fifty Shades of Grey about a week before because I wanted to see what the rant was all about (boy oh boy am I in for a surprise, I keep telling myself!). I sort of skimmed through random pages and there's some...let's just say...different expressions of romance in it to the typical girly love story!
Not for the underaged!

Have you bought any new cosmetics products recently?
Feel free to share below :)



  1. Niiice! I will be looking forward to the swatches and all!
    Jasmine also bought the book and the other 2 books in the trilogy! So will read it after she has read it ;) x