Saturday, 11 August 2012

NYX Runway Collection - 10 Color Palette - Jazz Night

Hey girls :)

Today I'm going to give you a brief review of one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes...
The Jazz Night 10 colour palette from the NYX Runway Collection!

What's great about this palette is that it contains a variety of different shades that are vibrant, sparkly and, when applied with primer can look quite pigmented.

Let's not be biased now: there are Pros, but there also Cons to this palette.
Because of the shimmer and sparkle in most of these shades, it's not the ideal kit for wearing to work - unless you work in the showbiz of course ;)

Even though it is highly pigmented, it does tend to wear off a bit so it's best to apply it on top of a good eye primer to make it last longer throughout a casual day out or extravagant night out!
I have started using some of the colours already to create a smokey silver purple look which looks especially outstanding for brown eyes.


Below is a swatch test of the shades both with and without primer applied.
For this test, I used Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer.


Top row of palette: top swatches without primer; bottom swatches with primer


Bottom row of palette: top swatches without primer; bottom swatches with primer

Excuse the lighting and bad photography. This was done during low light conditions as the weather here has been horrible this week!

One of the colours I tend to use a lot from this palette is the bottom row centre  shade - it appears as a midnight purple/violet with a touch of pink glitter in the pigment.
This is such a gorgeous colour for blending on the outer corner of the eyes.
For the lid, I usually combine the top row centre dark silver shade with the white silver shade on the bottom row far left.
This gives my brown eyes a defining shimmer and accentuates whatever colour I apply on my crease.
For highlighting my browbone, I would use a light application of the soft yellow shade (top row, 4th shade). This, of course, won't necessarily suit all complexions so it's best to rather test in-store before purchasing this palette online!

With a moderate-to-high price ranging from $8 to around $15 on eBay, this is not a regular buy for me personally but overall, it's a good quality pigmented palette and I'm proud for investing in this product!

Please leave your comments below on what do you think of this palette, what has been your experience with using it, and feel free to show me the looks you've tried with it!

Hope you all enjoyed this ;)

Anna Cubana


  1. Awwwww your blog looks so good! Love it. Very nice and cute and colourful :) very good sister :D
    Good blog post aswel. I should get myself a 12 shade palette aswel.... But ai, got so much eye shadow already lol xx

    1. Hey :)

      Thanks for the post!
      You definitely do have a lot!
      My collection is still growing. What 12 shade palette are you referring to? I am eyeing one of the Urban Decay palette books. Thr colours looks so good.


  2. I love your blog Anna! So cute :) This is a very helpful post. Great stuff xx