Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Tag

Got this tag post from Étre Belle and thought to try it out myself except add a Summery twist to it seeing as I'm in the Southern Hemisphere lol :)

What is your most worn Summer clothing piece?
Ever since my cousin gave me her pink stripe off shoulder layer top that goes over a white tank top, this has been my fave item to wear during the heated Summer.

The top my cousin gave me
My cousin Lily and I

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I used to have such a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and for that, my favourite Christmas movie is "I'll be Home for Christmas" haha. Another one I liked was called "Four Christmases" by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn.

I'll Be Home For Christmas
Four Christmases

What is your most worn Summer accessory?
My double barrel stainless steel thumb ring. It has a little tattoo embedded design on it. Always wearing that - I feel like it's my lucky charm. 

What is your favourite eye palette?
At the moment my go-to palette is the Immaculate Collection by Make Up Academy, otherwise known as MUA, which contains a combination of shimmer/satin and matte shades so it's recommended on the whole for if you're on the go and need a variety of colours to choose from. Not all of the shades are well pigmented but for the low price of the whole palette, I really don't mind and you can use those shades for a softer and more subtle look.

What is your favourite Christmas food/treat?
Ahhh, it's not a Christmas specialty but I always look forward to chomping on some Peppermint Fridge Tart which is delish but really sweet so you can only eat a small piece before you get sick of it haha.
I also love honey & mustard glazed gammon. Not so much a Christmas fruit cake fan.

Honey and Mustard glazed gammon...mmm
Peppermint Fridge Tart - deliciously sweet!

What is your favourite every day Christmas fragrance?
I love the Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe fragrance because of its sweet fruity scent and pretty colourful bottle design.
The scent doesn't last the whole day though so reapplication may be necessary

Live Luxe fragrance by Jennifer Lopez

What is your favourite Christmas song?
Frank Sinatra's remake of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Really love the heartwarming lyrics and tune.

Favourite Christmas blusher?
Hmm, don't have a specific favourite but I've been toggling between E.L.F Studio's Twinkle Pink and Candid Coral.

What is your favourite Summer beverage?
There's nothing more refreshing for me than lots of water...and Creme Soda.

What is your favourite lip product?
I'm not a big lippy fan. Just the usual lip balm to keep my lips soft and moisturised.

What is your favourite Summer scent/candle?
The smell of a bbq (or braai as we call it) party ;)
I love edible smelling candles like strawberry.

Love the smell of BBQ/Braai

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
I used to wrap my own gifts that I bought for myself and unwrap them on Christmas day haha.
A Portuguese Christmas feast is not complete without marinated lamb/pork and bay leaves!

What is your favourite Summer nail polish?
I've been really into my Barry M Magnetic nail paint in Sparkle Blue. Awesome colour! Doesn't chip easily!

Barry M's Magnetic Sparkle Blue

What is at the top of your Christmas list?
A piano/keyboard.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Not much. Just relax; maybe go to the beach with my cousins when the Summer humidity has calmed down a bit!

Yaaay! Guess what? You're tagged!

Happy Festive Season everyone! Enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day and wishing you a safe New Year!


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