Friday, 22 March 2013

Avon Haul Part 1 - Fragrance Frenzy

Greetings all

I'm back in action hehe ;)

I've been indulging in some Avon goodies by buying through a friend who sells the brand and been a bit addicted to the great priced deals they had over the past few months so took advantage where I could!

I bought two purse-sized sprays: Ballroom Beauty, and Latin Sensation.

Avon's Ballroom Beauty and Latin Sensation purse-sized sprays

These are 15ml (0.5oz) each - decent amount and size for your travel pack!

Size of each spray bottle - about a hand length

Description on the scent, according to Avon:

  • Ballroom Beauty - Sparkle in the limelight with romantic raspberry, feminine pink rose petals and sensual amber.
  • Latin Sensation - Steal the show with a passionate mix of warm cardamom spice, sexy hot pink osmanthus and captivating sandalwood.

I can smell the floral/rose scent in Ballroom Beauty and it also has a fresh tinge to it (kind of reminds me of Lacoste Touch of Pink smell) but if you're into soft feminine not-so-overpowering floral scents, this is the one for you! I would wear this on a regular basis.

Latin Sensation does smell a bit spicy but not overpowering, it does fade after a little while of spraying it on. I might have to get used to this as I'm usually into floral and sweet smelling scents.

These were both R39.95 each (2.85 British Pounds or 4.29 U.S. Dollars).

There was a promo in buying a combination of perfume and roll-on for the Little Black Dress range (R199 together when it would have cost R399).

Upon sampling the Eau de parfum, I was a little disappointed at the packaging as I had expected it to be a spray but it turned out to be an open bottle end (which I almost spilled!) similar to that of cologne so I'll have to dab dab dab instead of spritz spritz spritz! Should totally make that a song haha!
The bottle has such a cute elegant design to it and contains 50ml of product. I'm sure that will last me a long time as long as I don't drop the bottle while opened!

Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum

It has a soft feminine elegant scent, a bit of floral undertone to it as well and slightly musky. It's not overpowering and would be great for a date night out (where you're wearing a little black dress, of course!).
Avon describes it as an:
Oriental fragrance with top notes of cyclamen, coriander, african ginger, jasmine and apricot blossom; middle notes are gardenia, ylang-ylang and pink peony; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, musk and japanese plum.
Quite a combination, don't you think?
I'm liking this fragrance. Very feminine so I'd indulge when on a mission to enjoying girly or date nights out.

The matching Little Black Dress roll-on anti-perspirant was included free in the promo for this fragrance range.
Now, I'm not used to the idea of a body perfume scent going on my armpits (sorry to put it so bluntly) - I usually go with a fresh, low fragrance smelling roll-on because my concern is to keep dry there rather than to smell all pretty and floral-like.
It does say 'anti-perspirant' but this will have to be put to the test!

Little Black Dress Roll-on Anti-perspirant

It has 50ml of product and when I twisted it open (should have probably rather cut around it), the whole packaged wrapping ripped apart and just has a plain white bottle underneath it so I can't chuck the wrapping away or else I won't know what it is!
Not sure what the cost of this is but probably isn't too pricey.

That's it for now on the fragrance part of my Avon haul! I can't squander any more on Avon products as I'm overloaded with so much other stuff that I need to start panning out!

What fragrance products do you have or prefer in the Avon brand range?


  1. I've never tried Avon's fragrances before but I really like the brand! Those purse sprays are so handy to carry being refreshed throughout the day! :) Thanks for the follow hun, following your blog right back! xx

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